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France Offers The Philippines 50 Million Euros For Climate Action - Yahoo News

By Jessica Mendoza 4 hours ago Content preferences Done France has offered the Philippines 50 million euros (about $56 million) to fund projects that support natural disaster prevention and climate action, according to reports. French president Francois Hollande announced the offer Thursday during his two-day state visit to Kim Kardashian the Southeast Asian nation, where he and Philippine president Benigno Aquino III are http://connerolsxuyhoukiko.centerblog.net discussing joint efforts against climate change. I have offered to President Aquino 50 million euros through the French Development Agency to work on projects to prevent some further disasters from happening, Mr. Hollande said in his opening statement at a press briefing at the presidential palace, according to Philippine news site Rappler . Recommended: Climate change: Is your opinion informed by science? Take our quiz! Hollandes remarks came just before the two leaders launched a joint statement appealing for global action on climate change in the months leading up to a historic United Nations climate summit in Paris later this year.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/france-offers-philippines-50-million-euros-climate-action-202645013.html

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